Tub Tonic - Rose Geranium

Tub Tonic - Rose Geranium

Relax and enjoy these soothing bath salts, a blend of natural ingredients, mineral rich these salts are packed with healing, renewing and detoxifying properties.


Feature ingredients:


Pink himalayan salt - has 84 trace minerals, to help detoxify the body and help reduce muscle cramps.


Epsom salt - is high in magnesium and when dissolved in your bath it is absorbed through the skin and replenishes magnesium in the body.


Geranium - has a lovely smell and can help treat skin conditions such as acne, bruises, dermatitis and eczema.

  • Ingredients

    Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Geranium essential oil, dried rose petals.


  • Directions

    Add 100g (3 heaped tablespoons) to a running bath, lie back relax and enjoy.

    Store out of sunlight.

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